Electric Logitilt

Tilt, lift and transport boxes and crates

Avoid stretches and strains in your workplace with quality lifting equipement such as our tilter Logitilt. 

The design of this tilter ensures a high level of safety as well as ergonomic working conditions for the user. This means limited physical impact and maximum output.

The Logitilt can tilt boxes and crates up to 90º. The user does not have to bend down or stretch up to reach the items in the bottom of the crate or box - this applies both to standing and sitting work positions.

We always ensure highest quality through an extended test programme and in cooperation with experts in Health and Safety.


  • Tilting function activated by remote control
  • Tilting angle of the box can be adjusted from working position
  • Possible to adjust the tilting angle during filling and emptying
  • The tilting degree can be set, so that the Logitilt stops automatically in the same tilting angle each time


  • Ergonomically correct handle
  • Correct working situation
  • Free access to the contents of the box
  • Adjustable working height


  • Short overall measurements


  • Foot protectors
  • Parking brake
  • Handle can be turned and locked


  • Long operating life
  • Low maintenance costs
  • Strong construction
  • Use of quality materials