Lithium battery 12V 50AH LiFe, internal charger

Description: Lithium battery 12V 50AH LiFe
Maintenance free
Battery weight: 6,8 kg
Charging hours:  approx. 4,5 hours (charger: 12V/13A)
Charging temperature: 0° to 45° Celsius
Operation temperature: -20° to 60° Celsius
Battery cycles: >2000
Dimensions (LxWxH): 196x165,5x175
Battery Management System (BMS): Integrated
Standby Voltage: 13,8
Casing: ABS

Available for EHL 1004, EHL INOX, EHL INOX PLUS, LT(S), LT(S) INOX

Please note!
The Lithium battery has to be factory-fitted (in our factory) on the product.