Sweet Street optimizes ergonomics

- and moves away from manually, repetitive handling of materials

The American manufacturer of bakery products and desserts, Sweet Street, experienced happier employees, increased efficiency, and a reduction of sick days, since they added a rotator for the process of lifting and angling containers filled with bakery-related products in their production line.

The workforce at Sweet Street were struggling with strains and back pains caused by repetitive movements and stretches after lifting heavy baking pans and ingredients from containers placed on the floor. The management at Sweet Street wanted to optimize the workflow to offer their employees ergonomically correct working positions and reduce strains and sick days caused by bad and straining working positions.

Manual tasks needed optimization

The manual tasks consisted of emptying big containers with pans and ingredients used for the production of cakes and desserts. Manual tasks where the operators had to repetitively bend over to reach for the heavy items was physically straining, ergonomically bad and time consuming.

High quality lifting equipment

It was important to the management that the new solution should be of high quality to ensure long durability and low maintenance costs. It should also improve ergonomics, working environments and streamline the production flow.

The costumer was at first equipped with a demo rotator to test how it would fit into their production line, in order to make sure that the rotator lived up to their expectations and improved the workflow as intended or if it needed any modifications.  Afterwards the company invested in a Rotator of their own. They have not experienced any injuries since the rotator was installed and both the Sweet Street management and employees are very happy with the ergonomically correct solution.

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