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Lithium powered pallet truck, Mover

Capacity 1500 kg

The Mover is a fully powered pallet truck, equipped with a maintenance free Lithium battery. With the capacity of 1500 kg it is perfectly suited for light and medium duty material handling.

The battery weight is only 5,2 kg. and has small dimensions, enabling an extremely compact truck. Within two seconds the battery can be exchanged, and the charging takes only 2,5 hours with a long operational time between charges. The Lithium batteries have a high number of battery cycles.

In addition, you get optimal ergonomic working conditions with the mover. The ergonomically correct handle has soft grips, which return smoothly to vertical position. The handle has integrated PIN code panel with LCD display with status indication. This ensures an easy control and operation.


  • Capacity 1500 kg
  • Maintenance free Lithium battery
  • Electric lifting and lowering
  • Electric top stop
  • Slow speed mode (Turtle function)
  • LCD display - battery indicator, operating hour, error codes
  • Keyless - integrated pincode panel



  • Emergency button, horn
  • Feet protection
  • Stability wheels and entry rollers


  • Small battery dimensions enable compact truck
  • Operates with the handle upright