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Electric highlifter, Inox Plus (EHLIP)

Hygiene and efficiency at working height

Inox Plus electric highlifter guarantees an extraordinary high level of hygiene. It is developed for environments with high hygiene demands in close cooperation with customers in industries where the pallet trucks are exposed to an aggressive environment and thorough cleaning. With a stainless plus highlifter the risk of bacterial contamination is minimised.

With this electric highlifter you get high flexibility and efficiency, as you can transport and lift pallets to the optimal working heights. The design prevents industrial injuries and ensures a high level of safety and ergonomics.

We always guarantee the best quality through an extended test programme and in cooperation with experts in Health and Safety.


  • Risk of bacterial attacks is minimised
  • Developed in environments with severe hygiene demands
  • Closed forks
  • For use in aggressive environments and thorough cleaning


  • Strong construction
  • AISI 316L steel for the fork chassis
  • Long operating life
  • Low maintenance costs
  • Reliable cylinder construction


  • Ergonomically correct handle
  • Lifts the pallet to the right working height


  • Stainless fork chassis, battery cover, handle, legs and cylinder housing
  • For the food industry and the pharmaceutical industry with severe demands for hygiene and cleaning
  • Electric lift and manual transport