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Reel rotator with automatic adjustable pressure

Fully powered operation - perfect for paper reels

If you need to lift and rotate fragile reels, e.g. paper reels, and you are worried about the pressure of the clamps, our fully powered solution with automatic adjustable pressure is your perfect choice.

This reel rotator will automatically adjust the pressure of the clamps based on the reel diameter. Hence, you avoid dropping or crushing the reels.

The machine is compact, very manoeuvrable and fully powered, which means it comes with both electric lifting, rotation, clamping and propulsion. This ensures the user minimum physical efforts and ergonomically correct working conditions.


  • Capacity 325 kg
  • Handles vertical reels placed on floor or pallet and horizontal and vertical reels that are clear off the floor
  • Handles reel diameters from Ø120 mm to Ø1270 mm (gripping arms can open 1300 mm)
  • Manages soft as well as smooth and hard reels
  • Available with straddle legs.


  • The gripping arms cannot open by mistake
  • The reels can only be released, when placed on floor or pallet
  • The reel is fixed with gripping arms
  • The gripping arms have rubber-covered gripping pads to achieve the largest friction and to ensure a gentle grip
  • It is only possible to rotate at lifting heights above 825 mm, so that the gripping arms cannot touch floor or legs.


  • Strong construction
  • Long operating life
  • Low maintenance costs


SELFRREP (fully powered)

  • Programmable tilt degree and rotation speed
  • Automatic adjustable pressure depending on reel diameter
  • Light indicator when reel is fastened
  • Controlled rotation start/stop
  • Remote controls for reel rotation and fastening/releasing
  • Positioning valve available (precise and quiet positioning of the load)


  • Large display – easy to use, easy visual presentation, touch screen
  • Possible to program e.g. several stops, turning angle, speed, rotation
  • Log function, e.g. operational time, current consumption, number of operations, overload registration, battery status
  • Shows error messages and actual position/turning angle
  • Supervisor function can be activated to lock the settings