Reel Lifter

Gently and easily lifts and places reels of various types!

If you work with different types of reels, e.g. foil reels, paper reels, or cylinders, and have to carefully handle these in packing, printing or production machines, the Reel Lifter is a perfect choice for you. The space is often limited around or under the machine, and the reels are often placed inside the machine, where the manoeuvrability is limited.

The Reel Lifter is compact and very manouverable, and it can place the reel in the correct place in the machine, without manual lifting. The Reel Lifter is a perfect partner to the Reel Rotator, which can take a reel from e.g. a pallet, rotate it and place it on the Reel Lifter. The Reel Lifter transports the reel to the machine.


  • Capacity 500 kg
  • Compact design ensures optimum access in limited areas
  • Handles reel diameters up to Ø1270 mm and reel lengths up to 520 mm
  • Forks can easily be set to different reel sizes
  • Tailor-made solutions are possible


  • Strong construction
  • Low maintenance costs


  • Easy and quick lifting of reel
  • Special flow valve ensures a very accurate, gentle and controlled positioning of the reel
  • Max. lowering speed is factory set
  • Ergonomically correct handle