Hospital bed tilter for the health care sector

A customised hospital bed tilter to help service operators in the healthcare sector

Keeping a clean and hygienic environment is very important in the healthcare sector in particular.

Hospital beds need to be serviced and cleaned on a regular basis, but it can be difficult for the service operators to move and lift the beds and access the underside.

Logitrans has constructed a machine specifically for that purpose: The hospital bed tilter. With this, the service operators can easily and safely access all aspects of the
beds and conduct a thorough and efficient in-room cleaning and easy maintenance of the beds.
- They also avoid having to use the very expensive, but not very effective, washing plants at the basement of the hospitals.

Did you know: The no. 1 issue with hygiene at hospitals is multi-resistant bacteria!
These bacteria sit and grow by the wheels of the beds, which are not cleaned sufficiently in the washing plants. 
Hospitals have zero tolerance for bacterial contamination, and this is a major challenge for many hospitals.
Multi-resistant bacteria can be avoided with thorough cleaning of the wheels - and all other elements of the beds.

Features and benefits

  • The bed tilter is equipped with a variable rear console to be able to handle
    hospital beds of different sizes.
  • In addition, it has special clamps to maintain the beds safely in position, when
    tilted vertically, and a foot brake to stabilize.
  • The forks and rear console are covered with nylon to avoid scratches and
  • This way, the operator can safely and easily tilt the beds and provide a careful
    maintenance of the many hospital beds.
  • A necessary equipment to improve efficiency and ergonomics and avoid
    bacterial contamination.