A perfect solution to handle fragile cardboard boxes carefully

- customised with adjustable forks to handle different sizes without damaging the cardboard boxes

Danish Diary company experiences increased efficiency and low costs with a customised fully powered rotator.

The customer had a need for a safe and efficient solution to handle their fragile and expensive cardboard boxes filled with cheese. They wanted to recycle the cardboard boxes after use and therefore they wanted to reduce the risk of damaging the card boxes, while lifting, transporting and tilting. 

In addition, the customer needed to safely handle cardboard boxes of different size.

As a solution
, we constructed a fully powered rotator with several customised features to meet the customer's needs:

- straddle legs to avoid damaging the cardboard boxes in the bottom when grabbing them

- adjustable forks to handle cardboard boxes of different sizes with the same equipment

- support plate and clamping arms to ensure careful handling of the boxes

- two sets of clamping arms to increase efficiency and handle two cardboard boxes at the same time

With this solution, the customer was able to increase efficiency in their workflow, reduce costs by avoid causing damage to the cardboard boxes and thereby being able to recycle, and increase safety for the employees by using high quality equipment. 

Reference no.: PFG01202-4