Maintenance-free 12V 70AH / 20h dry

Logitrans item no. 986550 (Vision EV34-65A-X)

Amp at 20 hours: 70Ah
Dimensions (LxWxH): 260x168x178
12 Volt
Weight: 20,5kg
Battery cycles: 800
Operation: -40°-60°C

Logiflex with electric lift and manual propulsion and lifting height from 2020 mm:
Battery kit - artikel no. 160550 (2 x 986550)


Vision EV Series Dry Cell Batteries

  • Superior performance, capacities and reliability
  • State of art dry cell technology
  • Designed for environmentally sensitive areas
  • Suitable for commercial, industrial, residential and private applications
  • Maintenance-free (VRLA) construction