Weighing scale pallet truck

Weighing scale pallet truck – even more focus on efficiency and time saving

It is a well-known fact that weighing on a stationary weighing system can be very inconvenient! Extra transport, extra loading and extra time! The new Logitrans weighing scale pallet truck makes this work process efficient! It is solid, accurate and easy to use all over the company!

Gitte Kirkegaard, CEO at Logitrans A/S, comments “For a long time we have experienced a large demand from e.g. transport businesses and companies with large dispatch departments, as they often need to know the weight of the goods without spending time on extra loading. Our new weighing scale pallet truck fulfils this need – and at the same time the customer gets the ordinary pallet truck facilities”.

The weighing system can weigh up to 2,200 kg, has tare function, zero setting, battery indicator and four weighing cells with a weighing cell accuracy of 99,95%.The weighing system has a solid display, well protected in a steel housing. The display has user-friendly, logic and simple settings, and backlight. It is centrally located, and reading can be done quickly and simply.

The weighing system is fitted on a strong pallet truck, with slightly tapered forks, ensuring an easy driving into pallets. It is very easy to operate and maintain - and has reliable and safe operations.