Stainless pallet trucks

Stainless pallet trucks from Logitrans ensure even better hygiene!

The severe requirements of the food and pharma industries for the use of internal handling equipment place higher demands on the materials of the handling equipment. Wet and aggressive environments can have strong impact on the material, and it is therefore very important that the material is corrosion-resistant and easy to clean.

“We have based the product improvements of our stainless pallet trucks on our experiences with wet, clean and aggressive environments - and the good feedback from customers in the food and pharma industries”, says Gitte Kirkegaard, CEO at Logitrans.

The new stainless pallet trucks, Panther Inox Plus and Panther Inox, e.g. have less components and less welding seams. In this way, you achieve less places for dirt deposits. At the same time, the pallet trucks are specially designed for confined areas. Together with the low own weight, this makes the pallet trucks very manoeuvrable. The handle is designed in accordance with ergonomically correct gripping angles and diameters, ensuring the user a relaxed grip. The pallet trucks have rounded corners, which ensure that no damage is done to surrounding packaging, pallet and goods.

The stainless pallet trucks are available in three models: Panther Inox Plus, Panther Inox and Panther Inox Plus EX. Panther Inox Plus means an optimum stainless corrosion-resistant version, which is easy to clean. Panther Inox has some parts being e.g. chromit-treated. Panther Inox Plus EX is designed for operations in explosive atmospheres, in which gases, vapours or fog are generated.

“With a stainless pallet truck, also companies with high demands for hygiene and companies with wet and aggressive environments can ensure ergonomically correct working conditions. The normal painted models have a short operation life in companies with wet and aggressive environments. The investment will be recovered very quickly”, Gitte Kirkegaard ends the interview.