Interview with Poul Nybo, Logitrans After-Sales Service

On 1 April 2019, Poul Nybo has been working for 35 years at Logitrans, manufacturer of material handling equipment. Poul works in the Logitrans department for After-Sales Service.

Base in the repair shop
From his base in the repair shop, Poul helps managing repairs and complaints from customers: “It is often a detective work to find out what is wrong and how and where the error has occurred. It is an exciting process to be part of”, says Poul. He is also a member of the quality group at Logitrans, finding solutions to general problems, so that the high quality objectives of Logitrans are achieved. At the same time, he manages the Logitrans demo trucks, an option offered by Logitrans to customers. Getting a demo truck on trial, the customer can test whether the Logitrans product can help in his specific application situation. Often, the customer orders the product afterwards.

International working day
Logitrans has been developing rapidly throughout the years. Exports have grown steadily, and today more than 95% of the production is exported to more than 55 countries worldwide. This puts a clear and international mark on Poul's working day: "I have visited end-users in Sweden, Germany and England several times to solve specific technical problems - and also several times visited our Chinese factory to train our Chinese colleagues about our products”, says Poul.

Poul has also been visiting the Logitrans subsidiary, Interthor, in the USA, carrying through training of colleagues and getting an overview of the storage area. Once a year, Logitrans carries through technical and sales training for dealers from all over the world. Poul is coordinator of the technical training, where the dealers are thoroughly trained in repair and solving technical issues. "We always have some very good days during the training - the Logitrans house has a great international atmosphere during the days, and we build up good and close relationships with our dealers! They always travel home with knowledge as well as enthusiasm in the luggage”, says a very satisfied Poul.

Proud to be a Logitrans employee
Poul is proud to help improving working conditions at the Logitrans end-users, ensuring them the opportunity to protect back, arms and shoulders and avoid heavy lifting: "I am proud to have participated in Logitrans' development for the last 35 years and see the growth of the company - together with all 3 generations of the Pedersen family”.

Knows all details
With his 35 years at Logitrans, Poul knows almost all versions of present and former products. This is often a benefit to Logitrans! In Poul´s memory, you will e.g. find information about various spare parts, used on the different trucks. As Poul started at Logitrans, the production of highlifters had just started - and he participated in all steps of the production process. Today, the production series are much larger, and the production is therefore planned very differently.

You reach the best results, when you are open-minded
Poul appreciates Logitrans´ flat management structure and openness. The management has a positive approach and is responsive to the employees. The management appreciates that the employees express their good ideas and comments. This business culture was passed on to the new generations and is deeply rooted. The door to the management has always been open with a call for dialogue. Poul appreciates the Logitrans atmosphere: "I really like the family atmosphere, as it gives a strong sense of community. We help each other to make everything work and we care for each other". "Our director, Gitte, has continued her father's tradition, taking a walk round in the factory every morning to greet all employees. This gives a really good opportunity to talk to her”, Poul ends the interview.