Operational Manager Mogens Haugaard celebrates 35 years at Logitrans

Mogens is Operational Manager at Logitrans with responsibility for all hourly-paid employees. Mogens has been employed with Logitrans for 35 years. During the 35 years, Mogens has been working on many locations inside Logitrans and knows all work functions in the production area. He is also a member of the pay as well as the collaboration committee.

Logitrans DNA
“I have worked in our production on almost all different shifts at Logitrans. I have been involved in many ups and downs during the years, and this has, among other things, shown me what can be done and what cannot be done. I know the Pedersen family very well - and I usually know what they expect from me”, Mogens says.

This is fully confirmed by CEO Gitte Kirkegaard:

"Mogens knows the company inside and out, and he knows the management group and knows how we run the company. Having a person like him on board ensures a great conformity throughout the organisation. He has Logitrans DNA in his blood, and we are always completely confident in leaving decisions to him. When he discusses matters with Dorte or me, he often ends up saying, "I knew that would be your answer". This shows that in 99% of all cases Mogens knows the answers himself – and that is how it is, when you have been in the same company all your working life.”

Gitte Kirkegaard continues: “Mogens is very pragmatic, and he is really good at saying things to colleagues in a good way, even if the topics are difficult. He understands the situation of other people and knows how to take the necessary individual regards – and at the same time considering the company's values and culture.”

Focus on delivery reliability
One of Mogens´ primary tasks is to monitor and ensure a delivery reliability of at least 95%. Should this start to be too low, he tries "through various twists and turns to make deliveries reliable again". Mogens tells that he and many other employees at Logitrans for a long time have been preparing a future cooperation with a new large customer. In addition, Mogens´ workday is very much governed by solving present issues, and he is constantly focused on delivering a product to the customer that we are proud of.

Proud of being Logitrans employee
Mogens remembers how Erling's father came visiting the workshop, and how Erling's mother ordered, cut and served pastry when one of the employees had birthday.
“I am proud to have been at Logitrans for so long time - from being a small factory until today, where we are a major international order-producing company. And I am grateful that for most of my employment time, I have worked with what I wanted”, says Mogens.

The best about being a Logitrans employee
According to Mogens, the best about being a Logitrans employee is that it is a family-owned company with a flat management and high degree of social responsibility – with much freedom under responsibility. “Working the same place for many years does not mean that you are indispensable – you have to prove your indispensability. Every employee is hard to do without, but no one is indispensable", says Mogens.

Gitte Kirkegaard ends up with the following comment:

“We owe Mogens a huge thank for all the years he has contributed to the development at Logitrans. Mogens is hardworking and conscientious, and he always says: "We just have to solve it" - and then he solves it. At the same time, he contributes, with his humorous mind, to a positive atmosphere. In fact, I am deeply grateful that he is still part of our team, and I hope he stays here for many years to come!”