Caterpillar in Belgium

Logitrans trucks help managing Caterpillar items!

The Danish manufacturer of material handling equipment, Logitrans, has delivered electric highlifters and Rotators for the Caterpillar distribution company in Belgium, Caterpillar Distribution Services. 

The two focus areas of Caterpillar are safety and ergonomics, and Logitrans is therefore proud of being chosen as supplier! 

"We are very happy that we have started cooperating with Caterpillar in Belgium and that our highlifter and Rotator help giving the Caterpillar employees a good working day without being strained unnecessary in shoulders and back. At the same time our products help making the working processes at Caterpillar more efficient!"

Gitte Kirkegaard, CEO at Logitrans A/S 

"When choosing the products, the functionality, safety and quality played a decisive role. Furthermore we focus on the supplier demonstration of the product and the product fulfilling European/American quality and safety standards. That is why we chose the electric highlifter and Rotator from Logitrans". 

Jean-Paul Wauters, Supervisor for Health and Safety at Caterpillar Distribution

Caterpillar Distribution Services in Belgium is a fully owned subsidiary to Caterpillar, manufacturing equipment for construction and mining. The 600 employees of Caterpillar Distribution Services are in charge of distribution of spare parts for Europe, Africa and the Middle East. They have 335,000 items in total and pack up to 27,000 items every day. It is very important that this is done in a rational and non-straining way. The Logitrans trucks help managing the 204,000 small Caterpillar items! 

"We are very satisfied with the Logitrans products! They help us to fulfil our objectives concerning maximum safety, efficiency and working environment. Therefore I often recommend the products both inside and outside the Caterpillar organisation!"

Jean-Paul Wauters