Rotator tilting letters and packages for the Swedish postal service

- improves ergonomics and workflow

The Swedish postal service is handling a great amount of letters and packages every day. They were experiencing a bottle neck in the workflow when the postal cages were emptied by hand. The postal service needed a solution for emptying the cages containing letters and small packages and load them onto the sorting tables. 
The task of manually emptying the cages involved ergonomic bad positions and were time consuming, as it slowed down the flow creating a bottle neck. 
The Swedish postal service was provided with custom made rotators specially build to handle the postal cages. The rotators are able to lift and tilt the cages into positions that are ergonomically correct and then empty the cages in a secure and efficient way. The rotators create a more efficient workflow and saves both time and money for the Swedish postal service as they can provide a better service for their customers.


  • Ergonomically correct working positions
  • Height adjustment, rotation and transportation in the same unit
  • Capacity 1000 kg
  • Easy to set degree of tilt and rotation speed
  • Remote control for rotation and for lifting/lowering function
  • Low maintenance costs and a long operating time
  • Available in two standard models - with forks or multi-purpose carriage
  • Increased efficiency in the work and more satisfied employees
  • Less days lost through sickness
  • High efficiency when emptying boxes and crates
  • Optimum product safety
  • User-friendly to handle