High demands for safety in a highly hygienic environment

Customised equipment optimises safety, cleanability and usability in pharmaceutical production

“We are very satisfied with this solution (...) It has proven to be of the newest technology"
- Managing Director

An Austrian company in the pharmaceutical industry had for long been searching for a customised solution that could handle special containers, transport, lift and tilt them in their production line. The need was urgent, since the old equipment needed replacement.

The company had strict demands for their new equipment for it to fit into their highly hygienic environment and to find a solution that could do the job better than their old equipment.

Demands for the new handling equipment:

  • Safe to use – for the operator and in the production
  • Highly hygienic and easy to clean
  • Slow and precise movements for precise positioning of the container
  • High quality and long lifetime


In cooperation with our Austrian dealer, GESA, Klagenfurt, we developed a solution that could live up to all the demands. The pharmaceutical company was equipped with a customised stacker made in high quality, acid-resistant, stainless steel and with forks specially developed to handle the special containers. It was equipped with a special valve to secure a smooth and precise positioning of the containers in the production line. To accommodate the high safety requirements, the equipment got several safety switches to prevent the production line from being damaged by the container.

The cleanability of the equipment was also a top priority, which is why the stainless steel parts have got an extra “pharma finish” to secure that the device can be cleaned effectively and quickly. The chains were shielded with a special roller blind to prevent contamination of the strictly hygienic environment.


“We are very satisfied with this solution that is customised to our production
and fulfil all our demands. We are especially satisfied with the robustness
of the device, the usability and the sensitivity when lifting, lowering, and driving.
It has proven to be of the newest technology with a strong battery,
which is, what we needed.”

– Managing Director



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