Clarins handles drums in all shapes and sizes

- Increasing efficiency and safety

"With this drum turner we have the possibility to handle all kinds of different drums with no manual tasks involved..."
Cyril Lenne, Production Manager, Clarins

The French luxury brand, Clarins, who manufactures and sells high-end skin care, cosmetics, and perfume world-wide, needed a solution for handling drums in their production line.

The drums that Clarins handle are filled with raw materials that are essential for the manufacturing of the products. The drums are lifted and tilted, to pour the raw materials into big mixing bowls that mixes the measured ingredients to the finished products. For this process Clarins needed a solution that, besides from this task, also had to live up to a list of other specific requirements:

  • to handle drums of different sizes
  • easy and quick to manoeuvre
  • must take up as little space as possible
  • with fully automatic movements both when lifting, emptying, and transporting the drums
  • ensure ergonomically correct working conditions to improve working environment 

One of the main factors, Clarins wanted to optimise, was the ergonomics, to create a better workflow and working environment in their production lines. And, to reduce the number of sick days caused by bad ergonomics. Earlier the company used drum handlers that were moved back and forth manually, and where the employees had to bend down and make bad ergonomic moves, which could cause lower back pain and loss of earnings.

Clarins was equipped with a customised drum turner that was specially adapted for the production line, with grabs that could handle a wide range of different drums, short legs for it to fit into the production line, and counterweight to give it stability and the strength to carry heavy drums. Clarins is very happy with this improvement of their working environment, which also has increased efficiency in their production line and reduced the number of sick days.

"With this drum turner we have the possibility to handle all kinds of different drums with no manual tasks involved. The machine is fully powered, and the drums are transported, lifted, and tilted with a minimum of manual labor. We focus on ergonomics to provide a better working environment and increase efficiency in our production line - which is economically sustainable as well."
- Cyril Lenne, Production Manager, Clarins