Optimised workflow by lifting pallets from the floor

- saving money by improved ergonomics and working environment

The Swedish gardening company, Tågerups Trädgård, had a wish to optimise their working processes with focus on ergonomics. They wanted to get better working conditions and a better workflow in their production line.

The working process consisted of filling big boxes with flowerpots, or other similar gardening related components, produced in the production line.

The big boxes are tall and the sides made it difficult for the employees to reach the bottom without straining their backs. The boxes were placed on pallets directly on the floor, which contributed to the bad working positions and an inefficient workflow.

By lifting the pallets up and rotating them to a better working height, the employees can fulfil their jobs in an ergonomically better and much more efficient way. When the boxes are placed in the right angle, it gets easier to reach the bottom of the boxes and to arrange the components correctly without straining the lower back. Investing in ergonomics has saved the Swedish manufacturer both time and money and the CEO is very satisfied with this solution.

“We chose Logitrans, simply because they could provide the exact customised solution, we needed for optimisation of our working processes in an ergonomically correct way.”

Mattias Svegin, VD (CEO) Tågerups Trädgård


  • Customised for the customer's specific needs
  • Fully powered lift and rotation of big boxes
  • Optimised workflow with easier access to the boxes and its content
  • Multifunctioning with transportation, lifting and rotation in the same machine
  • Easy to manoeuver and adjust
  • Better working conditions and ergonomics
  • Minimisation of bad working positions
  • Happier employees and fewer sick days
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