Dairy improves workflow and working environment

- and saves time and money

Profitable customised equipment saves time and money for dairy company

The employees at a small Danish dairy, enjoy better working conditions and increased efficiency ever since they were equipped with a customised rotator for the process of emptying large cardboard boxes with cheese.

In addition, the company calculated a return on investment within 3 years of buying the equipment. Why? Because it pays off to think in terms of the long run. And with the right solution, you can optimise on multiple parameters at the same time.

“The process before was more or less manual, so it is definitely a huge improvement in our day-to-day work”

– Operations manager, Brian Grimstrup 

High ambitions for optimisation

The management at the dairy was determined to find a better way to handle the heavy cheese rolls in the packaging area. They had three main priorities of how they wanted to optimise the workflow:

  • Increase efficiency. The manual task of picking up the heavy cheese from the cardboard boxes was slow and required many resources.
  • Improved working environment. It was a physical straining working position for the employees, who had to bend over to reach the cheese, pick it up and place it on the tables.
  • Economic gain. A third focus was the fragile cardboard boxes containing the cheese. These were often damaged in the process, and the factory was therefore unable to reuse them. The boxes are expensive and perfectly suited to be reused, but the dairy often had to discard damaged boxes.

The solution

The development team at Logitrans focused on a solution for automatic lift and rotation, without causing any damage – to the employees, the cheese or the boxes. They were equipped with a standard Rotator with box holders and two clamps to support the cardboard boxes and avoid damaging them, in the process of lifting, rotating and emptying the boxes. In addition, a plate was attached to one of the box holders, on which the cheese would roll out, when rotating the box.


  • Fully powered lift and rotate – no manual work or strains on employees
  • Quick and efficient solution for emptying the cardboard boxes
  • No damaged cardboard boxes, which can now be reused = huge savings, which create a return on investment within 3 years.

The management and employees at the dairy are very satisfied with the solution. Different employees use the machine each week, and they experience a huge improvement in the workflow.


Naturally, we are happy about the economical aspect of the investment, but in this situation, we see the improved working environment for our employees as the highest value

Operations manager, Brian Grimstrup 

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