Milarom reduces production time with 95%

- and optimises efficiency and ergonomics in their workflow

Why does Mr. Romain Paillet from Milarom, which makes fresh, artisanal oilseed purees, have such a beautiful smile?

Well it's because he has invested in an all-electric stacker of the rotator type with chute from Logitrans (made in Denmark) and he is aware that he will save a lot of time, but especially also that he will avoid work penalties in relation to musculoskeletal disorders (MSDs).

“We use around 1 hour to fill our blender by hand, or for two people, around 40 min. This time is wasted for us because we cannot do any other work on our production line while filling the blender "

Mr. Paillet, Milarom

As seen in the photo, Mr. Paillet uses a plastic container and moves back and forth between the pallet on the ground and the opening of the mixer, which is located 1,6 m above the floor. That's a lot of movements that are not at all ergonomical.

“We had to find a solution to improve our performance and to use our time in a more efficient way. In addition, it was important to limit all unnecessary physical efforts and overcome MSDs”

- Mr. Paillet, Milarom

Thanks to a live video conference from the Logitrans factory in Denmark, Mr. Paillet was able to explain his needs and outline his specifications. During this same video conference, the solution was presented to him by doing a live demo. The video conference made it possible for Mr. Paillet to ask questions, express his needs and get the right solution without any unnecessary travel costs.


"This rotator will save us a lot of time to pour our oilseeds into the blender because instead of 1 hour, we will use around 2-3 min effortlessly. In addition, always in the spirit of optimising as much as possible, we can use the same stacker to pour our mixtures into the bagger, which will considerably increase our return on investment, we kill two birds with one stone"

Mr. Paillet, Milarom

See a video of the rotator before it was sent to Milarom below.

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