Caterpillar values safety, quality and ergonomics

- and optimises the efficiency of their workflow

Prioritising ergonomics and safety for a better working environment

The world's largest construction-equipment manufacturer, Caterpillar, has a great focus on safety and ergonomics. The Caterpillar distribution center in Belgium is distributing parts for Caterpillar trucks worldwide. Every day, pallets with cardboard boxes filled with small parts are loaded and unloaded at the distribution center.

The Caterpillar management wanted this procedure to be done in a rational and non-straining way. They had specific high requirements to safety, quality and ergonomics, and it was decisive to them that the solution met these high requirements. To obtain better ergonomics and safety in the production line, the boxes filled with components needed to be elevated and some of them rotated to an ergonomically correct working height and position. For this purpose, Caterpillar was equipped with electric highlifters and Rotators to provide ergonomic correct working positions for their employees.

"When choosing the products, the functionality, safety and quality played a decisive role. Furthermore, we focus on the supplier demonstration of the product and the product fulfilling European/American quality and safety standards. That is why we chose the electric highlifter and Rotator from Logitrans"

Jean-Paul Wauters, Supervisor for Health and Safety at Caterpillar Distribution


Maximising safety, efficiency and working environment 

Caterpillar has a great focus on safety, efficiency and working environment and by lifting the goods from the ground these parameters are optimised. Among with fewer sick days and better working environment, focusing on ergonomics also provide happier employees.

"We are very satisfied with the Logitrans products! They help us to fulfil our objectives concerning maximum safety, efficiency and working environment. Therefore, I often recommend the products both inside and outside the Caterpillar organisation!"

Jean-Paul Wauters, Supervisor for Health and Safety at Caterpillar Distribution

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