The Importance of Stainless Steel Material Handling Equipment in a Hygienic Environment

Environments that need to be hygienic and clean go beyond just their workspaces and employees, the equipment used also needs to fit the same high criteria

Quality stainless equipment are designed to maintain a hygienic workspace, while delivering a good ergonomic working position to the user and be able to withstand extensive cleaning and sanitation.

When you invest in material handling equipment for hygienic enviroments, there are some crucial elements to consider:

Solid construction of stainless equipment is a must. The strongest and most durable, material is AISI 316 stainless steel, which is acid-resistant steel and resistant to scratches. The surfaces should be electropolished to remove all non-stainless particles that over time could lead to corrosion. A closed design of the equipment will lesson the risks of contamination while allowing the equipment to be thoroughly cleaned.

Ergonomics and manoeuvrability

Material handling equipment should also have the users health and safety in mind. A solid ergonomic design with manoeuvrability, will ensure the user a correct working position to prevent injuries and strain of the back and shoulders while maximising the workspace.

Quality stainless equipment needs to offer dependability. The equipment should be both easy to maintain and cost efficient with little down time. This way the investment will be recovered quickly.


Maintenance of health and safety

By maintaining health and safety through not only workspaces and employees, but also incorporating quality stainless equipment the result will be a reduction of contamination and decrease the company’s exposure to potential hazards and liabilities.

Logitrans is able to offer a solution to fit your hygienic and ergonomic needs with our line of stainless-steel equipment.

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