The chimney – the landmark of NISAP/Logitrans...

The chimney was built in 1989 (and moved in 1991 because of a new paint spray plant). Its function was to lead steam away from the paint plant. We had expected to produce 6 litres per hour. We got this permission, provided that we built the chimney. Almost simultaneously, more environmentally friendly paints were introduced, and we therefore never needed to lead away so much steam. When we started to use powder paint, we closed the injection paint plant and did no longer need the chimney.

From 2010, we did not use the chimney any longer, and the production halls have steadily grown "around" the chimney. It has always been a landmark of Nisap - and we wanted to preserve this "landscape image". A small "atrium" was made around the chimney in the middle of one of the production halls. The atrium had no windows and no opportunity for get into it.

In 2014, we needed more space in the production hall, because the pump assembly department should move to the area. Therefore, it was decided to remove the chimney. Access was provided into the atrium, in which an elder obviously for many years had grown large and fine - and tried to get to the light.

However, it turned out - when they opened the door into the atrium - that there was a damage on the chimney 2½ meters up. A welding was broken, and the outer tube of the chimney was dislocated, so that the chimney was leaning against the inner tube. It was not properly fixed anymore and we acted quickly. The day after, the chimney taken down by the company Dansk Skorstensteknik A/S (Danish Chimney Technology). After building the chimney in 1989, the municipality had stated that we did not have the permission to have our company name on the chimney and that it had to be removed. Now we have fulfilled this…

Height: 28 meter
Weight: 5 ton
Built: 1981
Moved: 1991
No longer in use: 2010
Removed: 2014

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