Increased efficiency

Our fully powered straddle stacker(now replaced by our fully powered Logiflex) is here used at BWK, a protected workshop for disabled people in Belgium.

They use the Logiflex for transporting, stacking and lifting displays, standing on a pallet. Safety supports have been fitted on the side of the stacker to hold the displays (not a standard option).
The workshop can now - thanks to the Logiflex stackers - let people do jobs, which they would not be able to do otherwise. The workshop stresses that the Logiflex stackers have improved the working conditions and increased the efficiency considerably.

Important reasons for using the Logiflex:

  • Ergonomically correct working situation 
  • Increased efficiency in the work
  • Satisfied employees - less days lost through sickness
  • Large flexibility, when the user can both transport and lift loads
  • Turning angle of 210 degrees ensures maximum manoeuvrability
  • Strong propulsion motor
  • Easy to operate and maintain
  • Short pay-back time of the Logiflex
  • Options of several fork lengths
  • Product safety in top
  • Low maintenance costs and long operating life
  • Low noise level
  • Built-in charger is optional