Where hygiene requirements are strict

Our stainless electric highlifter used in the production of the most sold cheese in Denmark (Riberhus).

Cheese is produced in surroundings that are very corrosive and where hygiene requirements are strict. This places severe demands on equipment materials and design. Our stainless products are developed and tested in cooperation with customers who use such equipment with the result that it does meet all their application requirements.

Important reasons for using our stainless highlifter:

  • Easy-to-clean construction
  • Acid-resistant chassis
  • Documented choice of materials
  • Low maintenance costs and long operating life
  • Smooth and resistant surface
  • Product development in cooperation with customers
  • No particles can fall off the product and into the goods 
  • Ergonomic working position
  • High efficiency
  • High level of work satisfaction and few sick-days
  • Optimum flexibility; operators themselves can transport and lift
  • Good working position for cutting up, packing, etc.
  • Effective and flexible packing on pallets from conveyor