Very hygienic and easy to clean

Our stainless-plus pallet truck is here used in the German slaughterhouse MERTE, manufacturing products of premium quality level.

MERTE has severe hygiene demands for the production areas and needs material handling equipment being very hygienic and easy to clean.  

The dealers of MERTE expect their goods on time, and MERTE therefore also makes demands for smooth logistics. At the same time MERTE stresses the well-being of their employees, and the pallet truck helps ensuring good ergonomic working positions.

Important reasons for using our RF-PLUS pallet truck:

  • Developed in cooperation with a Creamery for use in environments with severe hygiene demands
  • Easy to clean (e.g. closed forks), minimum bacterial attacks
  • Completely closed truck elements facilitate efficient cleaning
  • Documentation for the material used
  • Available in an explosion proof version
  • Available in a partly stainless version
  • Optimum working positions
  • Design prevents industrial injuries and strain, e.g. ergonomic handle
  • Satisfied employees and less days lost through sickness
  • Low maintenance costs and a long operating life