When tilting and rotating different items Rotator with multi-purpose carriage

Optimises the working condition - focus on safety!

On the Rotator with multi-purpose carriage it is possible to fix and rotate different items, such as tools.

This model can be adapted to the requirements of the individual customer.


High efficiency and flexibility

  • Height adjustment, rotation and transportation in the same unit
  • Easy to set degree of tilt and rotation speed
  • Precise and controlled acceleration/deceleration on rotation at start/stop
  • Tilting function is deactivated automatically, when rotating to neutral position
  • Remote control for rotation (with cable as standard/wireless as optional extra)
  • Remote control also available for lifting/lowering function

Great durability

  • Low maintenance costs - no relays and wearing parts

Optimum safety

  • Tilting function is deactivated when the rotation centre is more than 1180 mm or less than 680 mm above the floor.