Quarter pallet lifter, LogiQ 300

Easy and smooth handling of quarter pallets

The quarter pallet lifter LogiQ 300, with the capacity of 300 kg, is an indispensable partner, when transporting quarter pallets in e.g. supermarkets, storage and packing areas, and gas stations. Quarter pallets are often chosen for the commonly used display pallets, and LogiQ 300 is designed for lifting quarter pallets from/to a EUR pallet and moving them to the requested location in the shop.

LogiQ 300 is very manoeuvrable, and can operate everywhere, also in confined areas. The handle has ergonomically correct gripping angles, ensuring the user a relaxed hold. The wheels ensure a comfortable and noiseless transport – and are gentle to the fine floor and flagstone layer in the customer areas.


  • Ergonomically correct handle
  • Hydraulic pump - lifting the pallet from the floor only requires a half pump stroke. Only 5 pump strokes are required to lift to the top


  • Silent transport


  • CE-marking
  • Foot protection
  • Parking brake
  • Low maintenance costs


  • Optimum space utilisation
  • High manoeuvrability
  • Low own weight


  • Can be used for many kinds of quarter pallets (e.g. display pallets)