Transports, lifts, stacks and handles goods on all types of pallets - with only one truck Manual

Logiflex - flexible handling of goods

High flexibility and efficiency - with only one truck, goods can be transported, lifted and handled in many different ways.

The design puts focus on the safety and ergonomic working conditions of the user - Logiflex can be adjusted to the individual user, and the ergonomic correct handle ensures the user a relaxed hold.

Optimum utilisation of the space - Logiflex has a compact construction and is very manoeuvrable.

High quality is ensured through an extended test programme and in cooperation with experts in Health and Safety.

High efficiency

  • Great manoeuvrability

  • Many opportunities for optional extras

  • Adjustable forks 

Easy use

  • Low own weight

  • Hand operated change between normal and quick lift

  • Assisted wheel steering 

High safety

  • Transparent safety screen

  • Location of parking brake

  • All control buttons on handle

  • Foot protectors

  • Shielded chains 

Optimum ergonomics

  • Ergonomically correct handle

  • Individual adjustment 

Great durability

  • Strong construction

  • Long operating life

  • Low maintenance costs